Monthly Archives: January 2014

Happy New Year!

On with the New Year, which means new projects! I posted pictures of adorable little friends that I will be making, and am already receiving orders. I am so excited about this, because they are fun to make. They seem to come to life right in my hands. Each one has it’s own personality.

Custom orders are fun, because they also show me the customer’s personality when they choose their colors. I then go and find fabric and send them pictures to see what they want and then the friend starts to develop a life!

Renaldo Racoon 20131227_172952 20140101_173725

This holiday season also brought me a brand new sewing machine! You have no idea how excited this makes me! I have had limited time with it so far, but soon will be putting some new items in the shop that come directly from that machine.

Unfortunately, I have also made the decision to discontinue the Crochet Magnet of the Month for the time being due to no orders over the three months that I made them. If interest builds, I will consider adding them back to my list of projects.

The weather here in Michigan is cold and snowy. We received 12″ over the last 24 hours. I hope everyone is staying safe and warm!