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What’s New!

Well, a lot actually.

I have been working with Dollmaker’s Journey for the last several months. I assist with writing the newsletter, answering customer questions and emails, and manage the FB page and events. I enjoy this job immensely, and love my boss, Mary Ann Kaahanui.

I have also been to the Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay conference recently. My what a wonderful world to be in! I did not want to leave. I took classes with Jody Miller, Debra Klopp Kersey, and Sherry Goshon as my instructors. I learned so much and gained an enormous amount of inspiration.

Since then, I have been trying to motivate myself to get work done. It’s not hard when you have been inspired. However, my thoughts and excitement often leave me overwhelmed and looking for where to start. Thankfully, I have found some things to focus on instead of letting myself run around in circles.

I completed a project for an online Day of the Dead challenge in the Every Witch Way Lane group on Facebook. My Day of the Dead skull turned out great. With the techniques I learned from Debra Klopp Kersey, and the challenge, I found myself thrilled with the results. I am now working on a body to go with this item. I am anxious to see how it all turns out.


I was also recently married. I am now Sara Baker, instead of Sara Anderson. I am so happy, and very much love my new husband. With Miniki, the three of us are a very happy family.

Take care,


Changes to Come!

Shaped by Sara will be going through quite a few changes over the next couple of months.

I have decided to take my work in a new direction. I miss doing creative work that pushes my limits. I am not getting that satisfaction doing repetitive work on items that I mass produce in the hope of making some money. I want to feel inspired and lose myself in my work!

That being said, I will now be working on unique, one-of-a-kind projects that I will not reproduce. I aim to focus on softies and art cloth dolls. I have already been doing research, have ordered supplies, and am so excited that I am having trouble sleeping. I must be on the right track if I am that thrilled about this new direction!

With the shift to making dolls/softies and other one-of-a-kind works of art, I will also be changing my branding. There will be a new look after I decide on colors, style, photos, etc. I want to appeal to the artistic person and collector. That will have a different feel than what I have been portraying in the past.

I know that I will continue to have the support of my family and friends, and I thank you all for that. I also want to thank Larry for his unending support in everything I do. I wouldn’t be where I am, doing what I am doing, without him!


So much going on lately that I have completely neglected my blog! Larry and I have moved to a new townhome apartment on the other side of town. This move took a lot out of me with my fibromyalgia. I am so thankful that we had movers to do most of the work, and Larry to do any necessary lifting. We are still unpacking boxes and getting things rearranged how we want them. I suppose this process is neverending – at least it sure seems that way!

Working on some new projects and also some old. I am now doing felt dolls but have not gotten any in my Etsy shop yet due to completing custom orders. This is a wonderful thing, but I feel like I have really neglected my online shop in the process. Hoping to rectify that in the next week.

So lucky to have the support of my friends and family. Thank you all for being there!

Renaldo Racoon

Happy New Year!

On with the New Year, which means new projects! I posted pictures of adorable little friends that I will be making, and am already receiving orders. I am so excited about this, because they are fun to make. They seem to come to life right in my hands. Each one has it’s own personality.

Custom orders are fun, because they also show me the customer’s personality when they choose their colors. I then go and find fabric and send them pictures to see what they want and then the friend starts to develop a life!

Renaldo Racoon 20131227_172952 20140101_173725

This holiday season also brought me a brand new sewing machine! You have no idea how excited this makes me! I have had limited time with it so far, but soon will be putting some new items in the shop that come directly from that machine.

Unfortunately, I have also made the decision to discontinue the Crochet Magnet of the Month for the time being due to no orders over the three months that I made them. If interest builds, I will consider adding them back to my list of projects.

The weather here in Michigan is cold and snowy. We received 12″ over the last 24 hours. I hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

So busy!

Finished putting together and listing Holiday Flower magnets and Snowflake magnets. The snowflake magnets sold out immediately, which was a very good feeling. Anxious to see the holiday flower magnets do just as well, because, personally, I like them more. Ha! 😉


Also made salt dough ornaments and listed those. I’ve already sold one of those sets. I have cinnamon applesauce star ornaments to finish up and list next.


Spent several hours today addressing, sealing, and stamping Holiday Cards to send out to family, friends and customers. It was a lot of work, but I am excited to get them out!

With the holidays so close, I know that I am going to continue to be VERY busy!




November is here, and along with it my first monthly newsletter and the Autumn Leaf Magnet!

Still busy working on a couple of custom orders, and creating some things for the holiday season as well. The tree is already put up (with the help of my boyfriend, Larry), because I just HAD to see my autumn leaves all over it. I have also started crocheting a garland to match!

Things are going to busy these next two months!


Gearing Up for the Holidays!

Shew! Working on various projects right now, and they are certainly keeping me busy. I guess that’s what you expect with all the holidays coming up!

Thinking about introducing pet toys into my line of crochet products, but this will have to be a secondary task until some other items are done and out of the way. I have posted pics today on Shaped by Sara’s Facebook page of mouse toys that are stuffed with cotton and catnip. I made these today and they are a fairly easy project. Here is one of the pics!


I have some secret items that I am very anxious to begin after the holidays are over. I can’t wait!

Curbing Anxiety!





Whew! I allowed myself to get wrapped up in too many projects the last couple of weeks. This resulted in a lot of anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Thankfully, I buckled down today and finished a few projects. The result is a much better feeling me!

Crochet Magnet Hearts

New crocheted heart magnets have been added to my inventory, and a chic tote/shoulder bag in a really pretty ocean blue. I almost kept the bag for myself, because I really really like it!

DSC_2322 (2) (800x534)

On to some new projects the rest of the week!

October is here!

The last couple of weeks has seen some ups and downs for me. I have gotten three custom orders (GREAT!), but otherwise sales are still slow. Building up a clientele will take time, and patience isn’t always something I’ve had!

The craft sale I was supposed to attend is full and I was not drawn to participate. So, back to the drawing board for me. Looking for another sale in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. In the meantime, I will be building up my stock!

I have added the Magnet of the Month to my inventory. For the month of October, the pumpkin is available to collect. I am so excited to see how the coming months turn out with this project!