Changes to Come!

Shaped by Sara will be going through quite a few changes over the next couple of months.

I have decided to take my work in a new direction. I miss doing creative work that pushes my limits. I am not getting that satisfaction doing repetitive work on items that I mass produce in the hope of making some money. I want to feel inspired and lose myself in my work!

That being said, I will now be working on unique, one-of-a-kind projects that I will not reproduce. I aim to focus on softies and art cloth dolls. I have already been doing research, have ordered supplies, and am so excited that I am having trouble sleeping. I must be on the right track if I am that thrilled about this new direction!

With the shift to making dolls/softies and other one-of-a-kind works of art, I will also be changing my branding. There will be a new look after I decide on colors, style, photos, etc. I want to appeal to the artistic person and collector. That will have a different feel than what I have been portraying in the past.

I know that I will continue to have the support of my family and friends, and I thank you all for that. I also want to thank Larry for his unending support in everything I do. I wouldn’t be where I am, doing what I am doing, without him!

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