About Shaped by Sara

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Shaped by Sara came into existence because I needed a creative outlet and a feeling of responsibility.

I currently reside in Indianapolis, Indiana, with my husband (Larry) and boxer (Miniki).  Larry is extremely supportive of my efforts and assists anyway that he can. Miniki is always a source of therapy for me, as she has been through some rough times right beside me.

Right now I am primarily working on learning how to make cloth art dolls. So far my experience has been invigorating and I desire to learn more!

Shaped by Sara has a shop on Etsy, which can be found by following this link: Shaped by Sara on Etsy

You may also find me on Facebook at Shaped by Sara on Facebook and on Twitter @shapedbysara.

Thank you so much for stopping by my page! It’s always fun to make new friends!


I will gladly take custom orders!

Email: shapedbysara@gmail.com

Phone: 616.606.3332

3 thoughts on “About Shaped by Sara

  1. Tonya Bankhead-Lynch

    Hi Sara…..I am just window shopping for now; I am going to purchase real soon. I have to move and get situated in my new place. Then we can decorate from “Shaped By Sara”…….Thank You….
    Tonya Bankhead-Lynch
    P.S This is the email address I use often now.

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